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Thomas J.



Faculty Details

Adjunct Lecturer

Juris Doctor, 2003, Appalachian School of Law, Grundy, Virginia
Masters of Chemical Engineering, 2003, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
Bachelors of Chemical Engineering, 1977, Catholic University of America, District of Columbia


Proton Conductive Membranes, Fuel Cells, Artificial Skins and Burn Dressings, Artificial Neural Materials, Cellular Cryogenics, Blood Pheresis and Storage, Medical Devices, Automated Diagnostic Equipment.

Subjects Taught: 

Chemical Engineering Unit Operations
Chemical Engineering Process Control
Chemical Engineering Design
General Chemistry

Detailed Information

About Me: 

Appointments and Affiliations
2015- Vice Chair, Intellectual Property and Technology Section of the Virginia Bar Association
2011- Present, Assistant Adjunct Professor of Chemical Engineering, Howard University
2010-Joint Commission of Technology and Science, of the Virginia Legislature
2009-2014- Disaster Committee of the American Bar Association
2003- Admitted to the Virginia Bar
1996- Professional Engineer, Commonwealth of Virginia

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions
2013 Invited speaker, Union Internationale des Avocats, Budapest, Hungary on April 4-5, 2014, Bioinformatics and Privacy
2012 Affirmed by the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, May 05, 2011, Appeal No. 10-1744
2011 Fellow, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
2010 Chair, Patent Office Inter Partes Committee, the American Bar Association
2010 Successfully sued Nike for trademark infringement in the Eastern District of Virginia. Civil Action, File Number 3:09-CV-00654
2004 Community Service and Pro Bono Servant of the Virginia Bar Association
1991 Affirmed by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, In re Baxter Travenol Labs., 21 USPQ2d 1281 (Fed. Cir. 1991), cited in 35 U.S.C.S. § 102 annotated, cited over 500 times in Shepherds.

Representative Publications
1. Sulfonated Styrene-Based Proton-Conducting Membranes, Wallen et al., Polymer Materials Science & Engineering 2002, 86, 33, A.C.S.
2. Cybersecurity, Wallen, April 2010 PROC. FROM A.B.A. INTELL. PROP. L. SEC.
3. Examiner, 545 United States Patents, 1978-2012.

Recent Conference Presentations
1. Low Cost Fuel Cell Membranes, Wallen et al., invited for presentation to the national meeting of the American Chemical Society, April 10, 2002, Orlando, Florida.
2. Cyber Security in the Intellectual Property Arena, Wallen, presented to Spring Meeting of the American Bar Association Intellectual Property Section, April 2010.
3. Gravitational and Electrostatic Interaction and the Strong Nuclear Force, Wallen, presented to the Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Augusta, Georgia, Nov. 3, 2006.
4. Block Copolymer Hydrogels for Biomedical Applications, Wallen et al., The Second Annual Conference for the Development of Technology in Medicine in Virginia, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, Nov. 2, 1999.


Meet Bison STEM Scholar Jordan Smith

Tue, October 1, 2019

Chemical Engineering Sophomore Jordan Smith is passionate about climate change research and finding renewable energy solutions. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Smith made the move to Washington, D.C. after he was selected as a Howard University Bison STEM Scholar.Read More >>

Thomas Brings Home a Win from 2018 Annual AIChE Meeting

Mon, December 10, 2018

Chemical Engineering Junior Jamaka Thomas won second place in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology category at the 2018 Annual AIChE Meeting for her research submission titled: “Enrichment of Oat Protein by Means of Gravity and Electrostatic Forces.” Thomas co-authored her submission with Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Dinara Konakbayeva.Read More >>


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