Biofilm Engineering and Drug Discovery Laboratory

Selected Publications


  • Paula I. Watnick, Patrick Ymele-Leki, Jon Clardy, & Shugeng Cao. Natural Product Antibiotics and Analogs Thereof. U. S. Patent. 9,359,275. [Link]

Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts

  1. Stanley, S., Ymele-Leki, P. Introducing High School Students to Chemical Engineering Kinetics With a Simple Experiment-Based Smartphone Education Application. Chemical Engineering Education. 2017 Fall; 51(4): 189-197. [Link]
  2. Fennell, Y., Ymele-Leki, P., Adegboye, T.A., Jones, K.L. Impact of sulfidation of silver nanoparticles on established P. aeruginosa biofilms. J Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology. 2017 Jan;8(1):83-95. [Open Access]
  3. Ymele-Leki, P., Houot,L., Watnick, P.I. Mannitol and the mannitol-specific enzyme IIB subunit activate Vibrio cholerae biofilm formation. Appl Environ Microbiol. 2013 Aug;79(15):4675-83. [PMID: 23728818]
  4. Absalon, C., Ymele-Leki, P., Watnick, P.I. The bacterial biofilm matrix as a platform for antigen presentation and enzyme delivery. MBio. 2012 Jul 17;3(4):e00127-12. [PMID: 22807566]
  5. Py BF, SF Gonzalez, K Long, MS Kim, YA Kim, H Zhu, J Yao, N Degauque, R Villet, P Ymele-Leki, M Gadjeva, GB Pier, MC Carroll, J Yuan. Cochlin produced by follicular dendritic cells promotes antibacterial innate immunity. Immunity. 2013 May 23;38(5):1063-72. [PMID: 23684986]
  6. Ymele-Leki, P., Cao, S., Sharp, J., Lambert, K., McAdam, A., Husson, R., Tamayo, G., Clardy, J., Watnick, P.I. A high-throughput screen identifies a new natural product with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(2):e31307. [PMID: 22359585]
  7. Acosta, M.A., Ymele-Leki, P., Kostov, Y., Leach, J.B. (2009). Fluorescent microparticles for sensing cell microenvironment oxygen levels within 3D scaffolds. Biomaterials, 30(17):3068-74. [PMID: 19285719]
  8. George, N.P., Ymele-Leki, P., Konstantopoulos, K., Ross, J.M. (2009). Differential binding of biofilm-derived versus suspension grown Staphylococcus aureus to immobilized platelets in shear flow. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 199(5):633-40. [PMID: 19210161]
  9. Ymele-Leki, P., Ross, J.M. (2007). Erosion from Staphylococcus aureus biofilms grown under physiologically relevant fluid shear forces yields bacterial cells with reduced avidity to collagen. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 73(6): 1834-1841. [PMID: 17277217]
  10. Mascari, L., Ymele-Leki, P., Eggleton, C.D., Speziale, P., Ross, J.M. (2003). Fluid shear contributions to bacteria cell detachment initiated by a monoclonal antibody. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 83(1): 65-74. [PMID: 12740934]


Thomas Brings Home a Win from 2018 Annual AIChE Meeting

Mon, December 10, 2018

Chemical Engineering Junior Jamaka Thomas won second place in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology category at the 2018 Annual AIChE Meeting for her research submission titled: “Enrichment of Oat Protein by Means of Gravity and Electrostatic Forces.” Thomas co-authored her submission with Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Dinara Konakbayeva.Read More >>

Assistant Professor Patrick Ymele-Leki Mentors Postdoctoral Researcher and 2018 Research Week Winner

Fri, April 20, 2018

Chemical Engineering postdoctoral researcher Jyothirmai Simhadri was announced as the Post Doc/Resident/Fellow/Research Associate winner in the Physical Sciences and Engineering category for her research submission titled: "Development of Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1 Biofilms for Iodate Reduction in Groundwater". Read More >>


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